News: Foursquare for non-smartphones

Foursquare for non-smartphones

Twitter did it, facebook did it.....

they made ways for people to update regardless of whether or not people had smartphones. It really bothers me that only iphone, android and blackberries can use foursquare! I want my friends to be able to foursquare with me! C'mon foursquare!!!

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Foursquare relies on GPS so as long as a phone has GPS and data access, I don't see why it wouldn't be possible for future versions.

FS does work fine from non-smartphone browsers, only trouble is you have to checkin manually because non-smartphones have no GPS capability so it won't automatically do location recognition and ask if you want to checkin. You have to checkin via a search for the venue, or if you've visited the venue previously, from within your checkin history.

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